Saturday 20 July 2019
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Love Clicking Everything You See? Time To Get A DSLR!

If you are someone who likes to click pictures, you need to get a DSLR at the earliest. For the uninitiated, DSLR is the short for Digital Single-Lens Reflex camera. Now, if you check the market, you will find a wide range of choices, with the better ones starting from somewhere around 25k. With time, you may want to go for Canon 80D in the mid-segment, but as a starter, you need to first do your homework. Below are some quick tips.

The battle of prices!

With DSLR, you get what you pay for, and depending on your skill set, you can go for an option that works for beginners. It makes sense to decide a price early on, so that you can consider and compare your choices. First and foremost, check when the camera was released. If a better variant or an upgrade is around, you may want to skip that one. Secondly, you will need a whole bunch of things when you look for DSLRs. Most importantly, you need additional lenses, for which you can check a few of the kits online, which might be cheaper. Contrary to what many amateurs believe, you don’t have to use the same brand for lenses and camera. There are adapters available, which can connect both easily.

Consider the extra things

Apart from the cost of the DSLR and lenses, you may want to buy a few extra things for your starter kit. The first obvious inclusion is an extra battery, especially if you travel frequently. Secondly, you need a set of memory cards, especially if what’s included with the DSLR is not enough (which isn’t in most cases). You may also want to get a few filters, but for those who are just starting with DSLRs, it’s best to start with an UV filter. If the brand offers extended warranty, you can include that but it will increase the budget so think about it.

Get the best deals

If you want to get the best deals on DSLRs, check online. There are a wide range of options out there, and online stores often offer more discounts than retailers. Secondly, you can also get most models online, right from Sony to Canon options. Nikon D5300 price online is around 39k, and online stores often have decent sale sections, so you can get a complete kit for a lower price

Do your homework when it comes to DSLRs, because there are a lot of terms that matter beyond MPs or Mega Pixels. You can check online where the best-known models have been reviewed and compared together for beginners. You can always use your credit cards to pay in installments. Find your options now!